About Us

Fusion FC is a non-profit 501(c)3, educational organization dedicated to the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of North Port ‘s youth through the sport of soccer at all age levels. Our mission is to teach and make soccer fun while developing a passion for the game for years to come.

Fusion FC Mission Statement

North Port Soccer Club’s mission is to provide the opportunity for soccer training and play for all interested participants designed to develop individual skills, fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship, to support the physical, mental and emotional development of youth players, and to promote, foster and perpetuate the growth of soccer in our community.

We do this work by developing educationally meaningful programs for players, parents, and coaches that are challenging but are easy to access and understand, providing consistently superior licensed coaching, training facilities and equipment, and supporting exceptionally well conceived and organized events supported by dedicated volunteers who are confident, competent, and caring.

But Why  Fusion FC?

“Teaching Players One Touch at a Time”

Keep it fun is the essence of our teaching methodology.  No matter what the age or ability level of a player, fun and excitement combined with learning produces the optimal results.  We want all players that play for Fusion FC to totally enjoy themselves in the safest environment, while they receive a high level of soccer coaching.  We want to share our passion and knowledge of the game to our players.  We want our players to experience learning “one touch at a time…The Fusion FC Way!”

Our guarantee is that each and every player will be fully prepared for the next level of soccer.  There is no club anywhere that better prepares their players for Competitive soccer than Fusion FC. Our results speak for themselves.

Appropriate training is the most important element to the Fusion FC philosophy.  Every player wants to succeed, and we want everyone we work with to succeed.  All sessions and soccer training goals must be attainable by the player.  We have given careful consideration to program content and design to assure that what is taught is age and ability appropriate.  This is where our staff excels in training techniques. Our staff is able to modify each element of training to make it challenging yet attainable to all ages and abilities.  Each training session will be geared for success.

Exposure to high level soccer coaching and demonstration is essential to soccer skill development.  Soccer players in order to grow and develop must be constantly exposed to high quality play, instruction, and utmost demonstration.  Our staff is carefully chosen based on their ability to demonstrate and instruct in a clear, concise manner to all ages, sexes, and ability levels.  To be able to play the game is not enough to be on staff; you must also be able to teach the game at a high level and be passionate about soccer education.  Additionally, Fusion FC is recognized throughout the country as one of the top youth clubs.  We play in the highest ranking tournaments and continue to be successful.

Repetition is the key to skill development.  Simply, the more touches on the ball a player is given the quicker that player’s progress and growth.  We believe in teaching players one touch at a time.  Repetition with positive reinforcement, positive guidance, and correct teaching will rapidly set players on their way to achieving their soccer goals.  “Perfect practice makes perfect”.

The Game is an important element in our program.  We consider playing the game to be the best teacher.  The use of small-sided soccer combines to produce game like situations and increases exposure to the ball.  Not only does it solidify their individual skills, but also it helps them to understand the more intricate aspects of soccer and team play.  Our staff constantly monitors and evaluates game play, pointing out areas of negative and positive play as reinforcement teaching.  The excitement of playing, combined with the positive reinforcement of techniques, tactics and team play, will lead to an overall enjoyable experience.

Fusion FC Approved for Business

NPYS has filed paperwork with the state and has been approved to do business as North Port Youth Soccer, Inc or North Port Fusion FC.  The paperwork has been submitted to FYSA for a name change.