Coaches’ Corner

Coaches’ Creed

As a coach of North Port Futbol Club, I will follow the rules and policies of the NPFC soccer program and the Florida Youth Soccer Association.  I will strive to make soccer an enjoyable and positive learning experience for my players and their families.  I will place the health, safety, and welfare of my players ahead of my personal goals or desire to win.  I will respect the individual differences of my players and I will model inclusive behavior, decrying all types of discrimination.  I will strive to maintain and improve my coaching skills and teach my players the Laws of the Game.  I will do my best to plan practices that are fun and challenging.  I will teach my players to strive for success and play fairly.  I will respect my team’s opponents and the game officials and actively encourage my players to do the same.  I will strive to be a model of grace, dignity , and composure in victory as well as defeat and encourage the players to do the same.  I will strive to control the actions of my players, their parents and our fans at all games and scrimmages.  I will promote the interests of soccer with courtesy, honesty, and respect.


 Coaches’ Resources

The following are great resources to become a great coach and to provide the best safe soccer experience to the kids.

FYSA Coaching Manual

Players and Playing Rules

Nutrition for Soccer

FIFA Official Rules

US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual