Team Creed

The Strength of the Team is in the Player
The Strength of the Player is in the Team
The Team posses a single, unified goal that affects everything we do.
The Team is committed to working hard every day on and off the field.
The success of the Team is built on mutual Trust.
Every player is an integral part of the team and no player is more important than the team
Every member of our Team is a leader in both word and action.

Players Creed

I have been given the honor of becoming a player in the North Port Fusion Program.  As a Player I understand that my actions on and off the field reflect on myself, my Family, my coach, and on North Port Futbol Club.  As a player:
1. I will Recognize the importance of good behavior and proper language.
2. I will respect my teammates, opponents, coaches, and parents.
3. I will play within the Laws of the Game, and demonstrate good sportsmanship.
4. I will show respect for the game officials and their calls even if I do not agree with them.
5. I will have a positive attitude, be prepared and properly equipped for all practices and games.
6. I will practice hard and play to the best of my abilities.

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